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Pascal-10-S is the best-selling saw blade of recent years. It has earned its popularity by combining speed, durability, cutting quality and flexibility into one single blade.

No other saw blade in the world cuts faster- through the hardest of sintered materials than Pascal-10-S. Pascal’s lifespan is maximized when cutting just sintered materials, but can also cut granite and engineered stone without the need for being resharpened. Saw blade changes for different materials are unnecessary which results in more comfort and less wasted time for the operator.

  • Medium-strength and strong machines
  • Machines with adjustable rotation speed
  • Cutting speed up to 5m/min
  • No resharpening required


Salve is one of the oldest members in the range. This blade has been engineered to work its way through even the hardest sintered materials on machines where rotation speeds cannot be adjusted.

The segment can be very easily resharpened in granite or engineered stone after every 1 of 2 slabs of ceramic. Under the right conditions, Salve will always deliver a clean result in all materials (except quartzite). Fabricators who are looking for a reliable and steady all-round blade for their fixed rotation speed machines, will have an ideal partner in Salve.

  • Medium-strength and strong machines
  • Machines with fixed rotation speed
  • Cutting speed up to 6m/min
  • Resharpening required


Wendy is the blade chosen by the largest fabricators, who mainly process granite and engineered stone, but see the work of porcelain gradually increasing.

For this kind of companies having a strong, well maintained solid bridge saw machine is crucial. This blade works its way smoothly and precisely through all materials (excluding quartzite) at spectacular speed rates. Wendy’s lifespan is exceptionally high for a blade with this kind of versatility. Wendy is most effective when cutting a mixture of materials.

  • Strong machines
  • Machines with adjustable rotation speed
  • Cutting speed up to 8m/min
  • Resharpening required

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