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Barry is one of the oldest members in the range. It is a saw blade that is very well known to fabricators with a fixed rotation speed bridge saw in their workshop.

Barry is beloved for his consistent quality, giving the machine operator certainty and trust. No granite or engineered stone will bring this saw blade to a halt. It delivers a perfect cut from start to finish, which also simplifies the processing after the cutting procedure. This blade has found a balance between cutting speed, lifetime, and cutting accuracy.

  • Medium-strength and strong machines
  • Machines with fixed rotation speed
  • Cutting speed up to 8m/min


Joren has been known to Wodiam Tooling customers for many years now. It has built its great reputation by cutting all kinds of granites, from the soft to the very hard granites, and engineered stone with ease.

It is an extremely fast sawblade, working with very low amps delivering a flawless cut. Working at low amps gets the most out of every machine without the risk of overloading the motor. Joren is a very loyal and comfortable blade to work with.

  • Medium-strength machines
  • Machines with adjustable rotation speed
  • Cutting speed up to 18m/min


When stone fabricators invest in robust, high- performance machinery they want to get the very most out of the work carried out. For this kind of fabricators, the Ria was introduced. 

Ria processes granite and engineered stone at unprecedented sawing speeds. She flies effortlessly through 20mm of the hardest granite at a speed of 8 meters per minute, yet in 20mm engineered stone she can easily double that number. The longevity achieves the same unsurpassed standards, thanks to the sublime balance that has been incorporated in the diamond segment.

  • Strong machines
  • Machines with adjustable rotation speed
  • Cutting speed up to 30m/min

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