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Calibrating and chamfering in an efficient way


This calibrator has a very rough diamond to clean the edge. Starting the polishing process with a clean edge, results in a better final result and a longer lifespan of the polishing set. The calibrator is suitable for all materials, and available in diameters 16 and 20. The standard length is 40mm. Thanks to the electroplated process, the bit retains its shape at all times. This means it can handle all thicknesses up to 30mm.


The BIT-CH is designed for beveling the upside, or downside of the stone in one step. It is equipped with a rough grit so no material will be a problem, and the bit will remove it very smoothly. The electroplated process ensures it will never loses its shape. The maximum chamfer size this bit can create, is 5mm. The downside chamfer bit has a standard length of 50mm, so beveling a 30mm thickness stone will be no problem at all.


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